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© Vietnam Veteran's Dream
The poem "©Vietnam Veterans Dream" was written by me after my return from Southeast Asia. It is an issue I know many of my brothers that saw combat in Vietnam can relate to, and have experienced.

No war involving America and her brave forces has had the emotional impact on those that experienced the horrors of ground combat than those that fought in the Vietnam conflict. The reasons and theories for this are still being debated today. Combat is inhumanity at its worst, and is mind numbing insanity to those that experience it. There is no difference between the Vietnam combat veteran, and those brave men and women that preceded us or have followed us. We all did what we were ask to do, and we did it well.

I do believe however that we that went to Vietnam did bear a burden that no other war or conflict placed on America's sons and daughters.

* "These burdens were, among others;"

    Unrealistic rules of engagement.
    Lack of commitment on the part of our Civilian Leaders.
    Lack of support from our fellow Americans at home.
    Untrustworthiness of our Vietnamese allies.

We should give thanks to GOD that this nightmare is finished, and that our beloved nation did survive the turmoil that this war caused. However, even though the nightmare is behind most of America, there are still some of us that served our country with dedication and pride, and relive this nightmare every time we go to sleep. It creeps insidiously into our minds, and we once again face the madness and horror that was combat in Vietnam. Please pray for us! We also paid a heavy price for the freedom that all Americans enjoy today. Freedom is not "free"! Our veterans have paid a heavy price for it!

This 10 ½ X 14 inch full color print of "© VIETNAM VETERANS DREAM" was released with a limit of ten thousand copies. There are still a few hundred copies available if you are interested. You may obtain a copy by sending a check or money order in the amount of $11.00 (plus $1.95 shipping) to me at:

604 Linda Dr

Or you may use secured payment through PayPal by clicking the "buy now" button below.

Each copy ordered will be signed and numbered by the author.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

We went to the Nam as strangers; we came back as brothers!
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* The opinions expressed on this page are mine




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