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All gave some - Some gave all

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DECEMBER 16, 1931 - MIA JULY 20, 1950 - KOREA

24th Infantry Division - 34th Infantry Regiment

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To my brother "Sonny", its now been sixty-eight years.
I've never forgotten about you, and I've shed a lot of tears.

Mom and Dad are both gone now, I believe that they are with you.
The years are swiftly passing now, and I soon will be too.

Bob and Al and the other kids, often speak of you.
They all really miss you "Sonny", but not as much as I do.

We had a special bond, you and I, you were my oldest brother.
I was so happy when you ask about me, in the letters you wrote to mother.

And I was so excited when I had the chance to write you a short letter.
And they really were way to short, and I would just promise to do better.

Then came that terrible day, Mom cried a lot and I did too.
The telegram said that you were missing, I was scared and didn't know what to do.

The years have gone by so fast, but each night I continue to pray.
That Korea will send you back home again, and you will no longer be an M.I.A.

"Cause I am not sure Big Brother, that in those letters I wrote to you
Did I mention what you meant to me, did I say "Sonny I love you"?

Well I do love you Sonny; and I miss you so very much.
Your "Little Brother" Chuck.




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