by Fran Snay

blueblackquilt (78K)

I started this quilt with a curved ruler for the squares. As I begin to lay the squares out on my flannel board, the wheels began to turn. I drew a so called flower to appliqué in the center of the squares. As I started the appliqué, the thought occurred to me to cut off one of the little pedals. I had two different pieces of the "eye" fabric. The fabric had a pair of eyes on it, but I decided to really make it crazy and use only one. As I finished each idea, another would come to mind. I used the planets with the one eye to give it that "freaky little space creature" look. It has really been a hit with everyone that has seen it. "Sue Champion" of Gunter, Texas quilted it for me. She really added a wonderful sparkle to give it a finished design.

"Happy quilting"


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