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Fran Snay has been teaching the art of quilting since 1989 to a wide range of students; from beginners to advanced quilters. She spends much of her time encouraging new quilters, and teaching them "color combinations" to more effectively present their quilt creations as a work of art. Her first showing of a quilt resulted in a Blue Ribbon Winner in the Texas State Fair, followed by ribbon winners in various other Quilt Shows, and she has had quilts accepted for display in the International Quilt Show in Houston, Texas. Her quilts have been featured in several Nationally Published Quilt Book Publications including 500 Traditional Quilts(Karey Patterson Bresenhan), 1000 Quilt Inspirations (Dr. Sandra Sider); A Perfect Union of Patchwork & Applique (Darlene Christopherson), Applique Lace Patterns (Linda Pool); Making a World of Difference One Quilt at a Time(Ruth McHaney Danner); Lone Stars III - A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1986 -2001 (Karoline Patterson Brewsenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes) and other prominent publications; as well as most of the nationally published Quilt Magazines. Fran also served on the Teaching Faculty for the International Quilt Festival in Houston. She also teaches quilting for the Burleson Independent School District's Continuing Education Department. Her love for quilting has placed her in major leadership roles in several quilting guilds, from Vice President/Programs to President. Each assignment was eagerly accepted by Fran with the same dedication that she has whenever she undertakes a new quilt design. Her love for quilting, and her desire to share this talent with everyone that she can is truly God inspired, and reflects the highest credit on her and the art of quilting.

Because of her love for quilting, Fran founded the "JOHNSON COUNTY QUILT GUILD" which meets on the fourth Monday of each month. After many hours of hard work and planning, the JCQG had its first meeting in September of 1998. Under Fran's guidance, the guild has grown to a membership of sixty-five dedicated quilters, and is still growing. Fran has also initiated many of the charity work projects for Texas C.P.S., quilts for babies in two local hospitals, Lap Quilts for Nursing Homes Residents; and does Volunteer work at a local hospital in the Burleson area.

Fran also organized a "quilting bee" group which is known as the "Determined Bees". For the past eight years, the group has been meeting at Fran's house on the third Wednesday of each month. In addition to being founder of the Johnson County Quilt Guild, and the Determined Bees, Fran recently organized a TAS Chapter known as the Wee Bee Applique .

Fran also teaches quilting for the Burleson Community Educations classes at one of the local Middle Schools. Fran is "retired" and now devotes her time to teaching and preserving the art of quilting. She lives in Burleson, Texas with her husband Chuck. They have five children, seven grand-children, and four "great Grand-daughter and three great Grand-sons".

In addition to teaching, Fran also travels doing "trunk shows/lectures" for guilds, churches, schools, and many other organizations. If you are interested in having her visit your guild, you may contact Fran through her email address by clicking the box below or call her at 817-295-4649.

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