"What Ugly Quilts" by Fran Snay

I made this quilt for one of our sons, he chose the colors. When it was completed, he absolutely loved the quilt. My dear sweet husband had a different opinion, one that I was not happy with, "soooo"; well let him tell his story - "read his poem to the right". And yes! I did accept his humble apology!

Fran Snay
proudly presents

ugly quilt (178K)

Ain't no such thing as an "UGLY QUILT"!
A poem ("an apology") by my husband.

There ain't no such thing as an ugly quilt,
    that's something you learn as get older.
When my wife ask my opinion of one of hers,
   like a man I just stood up and told her.

I found out the hard way how dumb that was,
    'cause as a man I just couldn't see.
When it comes to commenting on one of your wife's quilts,
    honesty ain't never the best policy.

This one had blacks and grays and other colors too,
    like yellows and blues and some red.
Kind of plain looking if you know what I mean,
   An opinion that I soon would dread.

Then the silent treatment started, you know the kind,
    where you just don't know what to think of her look.
Then you ask her, "honey", what's for dinner tonight,
    or did you really forget how to cook?

Then you finally ask her, whats the matter dearest?,
   has your love for me started to wilt?
"Why would you think", she sarcastically asks,
    "just because I made an ugly old quilt?"

Now try to get out of that one if you think you can,
    try taking back all those things you said.
About that ugly old quilt that your wife made,
    the one with those awful colors like black, gray, and red.

Now I ain't very smart, and I know that,
    but I learned how to get rid of the guilt.
I learn the secret of being married to a quilter,
   "there just ain't no such thing as an ugly quilt"!

They are all beautiful, wonderful, truly "one of a kind",
    darling, your talent is something to behold.
That's the way to get along with your quilter,
    Tell her, "Your quilts are worth more than gold"!

She will love you for that, and brag about you,
    and about the happy life the two of you built.
All because you learned that rule number one is,
    "there just ain't no such thing as a ugly old quilt"!

2011 Charles R. Snay

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